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Note: Papillon has stopped distributing Coupon Codes.

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Hey, I'm looking for coupon codes for papillon helicopter flights for the Grand Canyon, South Rim, in August 2009. I found a code for 5% off. Are there better to find? bvd. I did not find them, just booked through the site (celebration tour) !! We waited for it to be in Las Vegas itself, but you're not taking advantage! It's the cheapest society you'll find, because they fly from Boulder City (about 30 minutes drive). I suppose you mean here that Boulder City is about 30 minutes drive from Las Vegas (The Strip)? I looked for June 26th (today I'm in Grand Canyon). I would like to "chop" from GC as a step-by-step location. For the standard trip (25-30min) I pay $ 139 that day, for the extended trip (45-50min) this is $ 194. No idea whether this is expensive, it remains an attractive attraction. In my opinion, is not expensive, as we paid over $ 1000 for 4 people from Las Vegas. Definitely do from Tusayan! I really liked it! A very nice experience! (how often are you in a helicopter?) The plane you see that holiday often sat! :-) Where did you find that 5% coupon? We want to make a flight with 4 people at the beginning of August. We also want from Tusayan helicopters about the GC, is it necessary to reserve this in advance, we are in the last week of August in the GC? Find the disadvantage of booking that I do not know yet if I want to do the long or short flight, and I do not know the time yet. Last year we also searched for coupons on the internet and found nothing. In Vegas, they sometimes seem to share coupons. Informed at our hotel in Tusayan, but they could not receive more coupons at any time. I therefore think that the 5% is already pretty nice. Last tip: Sign up for the maillist and get code that gives you 10% discount on the internet. done and it works !! : D: D Good tip!! I have also received the 10% discount email now. Very good tip, I also received the coupon with 10% discount, so it really works. (Not that I doubt it, but still) So does a lot of $$$$$ tweets: dance: Hey, I've always told them when you book something online that you need to make sure that there is HTTPS. At Papillon there is no, just just http .... Are you then making a safe payment? : roll: Simply put: NO! If you enter your credit card data on a http site and without a security lock, you may be crediting credit card data, especially for hackers. NEVER do so ... I also booked through Papillon a couple of weeks ago and then it was secure, so you're sure it was the page where you had to enter your credit card data that was not secure? I checked out just as soon and once you chose your package, it goes to an https: // connection, so do not worry, it's safe. Very strange! Today there is https! Then there were problems yesterday yesterday. I found it VERY weird that such a site did not have https ...... But good that we did not book. I booked by Papillon were very friendly and also got it

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